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Awkwardness: Increase

Panel #1
VP: Patience!
+PE: ...
+PE: ...Why is---
VP: It may appear as though there is a sort oph peace between us, but I assure you that such pheelings do not run deep!
+PE: ...But
PV: Virulent? Why the zudden change of heart?
VP: Things are not sudden! You are Mizanian and I cannot allow you to set phoot in this land!
PV: If I am not miztaken, we were juzt having a fine converzation up until thiz alien child appeared.
PV: Iz thiz your dizciple? Zhe lookz nice. You have done well!
+PE: ...Please,,, I want to know what is going on here...
+PE: ...No lies...
VP: ...
PV: Virulent, you would lie? I too would like to have a greater underztanding of thiz.
VP: I do not lie! Only truth graces my tongue!
VP: It was a trap! I lured the Mizanian king here with an act oph apparent peace, but in reality I had planned to strike when the opportune situation arose!
PV: Thiz... iz not true!
PV: I would never fall for zuch a zimple farce!
PV: It waz I who came here to zmite Philan!
+PE: ...Ugh!!!
+PE: ...Which is it???
+PE: ...I don'''t know what to believe anymore!!!
VP: Patience, I will be honest with you. Myselph and Permanent are very close. We have been phor a very long time, bephore we were phorced to dipherent sides oph this battlephield.
PV: You are?
VP: Yes.
PV: I thought you had chozen Aztral az your mate? Have you perhapz...
VP: No, it is not like that. You are a phriend to me, but nothing more.
+PE: ...You say this like it isn'''t a big deal!!! You are phriends with the enemy!!!
+PE: ...How can you say that aphter all the horrible things you told me oph Mizanians!!!
+PE: ...I.... I don'''t think I can trust you anymore!!!
+PE: ...Oh god... I'''ve been used!!!
VP: Patience, this issue is quite small. Do not overestimate it. Your reactions are greatly disproportionate.
+PE: ...What have I been doing this whole time???!!!
+PE: ...You have guided my hand to smite evil,,, and yet here you are???
+PE: ...You have kept me out oph the dream world,,, and never once told me why!!!
VP: Patience, stop.
+PE: ...What??? Another lie!!! I won'''t do another thing you say!!!
PV: Pleaze relax yourzelf. Even I think you are taking thiz way too zeriouzly.
+PE: ...Shut up!!! Both oph you!!!
PV: Maybe all dizciplez are zuppozed to be irrational.
VP: You may have come across a hidden truth, Permanent.
+PE: ...You don'''t even care,,, do you!!!
PV: May it be known that I do not.
VP: Things have become greatly distorted! Please, let us talk with soothed pheelings regarding this matter!