VP/PV: Awkwardly converse

Panel #1
PV: Azceta.
VP: Asceta, Permanent.
PV: ...
VP: What did you do to your arms?
PV: Theze?
PV: They are alwayz like thiz
PV: In Mizan you gotta be tough
PV: We are armed to the teeth
PV: Whatever that meanz
VP: More oph those alien kids' phrases?
PV: Yez! They don't make any zenze!
VP: You do not need to tell me any more on the matter! I am well aware oph their strange customs and words!
VP: They can be interesting at times but just as phrustrating at others!
PV: I haven't met one I like. Even my dizciple iz... way too capriciouz.
VP: You are phortunate! Mine only does what I say! I don't even know what I should be telling her to do!
PV: I really dizlike their company. I am zad, that we muzt ztay.
VP: Permanent, I share your sentiments. It was quite phoolish oph us to stay here.
VP: ...
PV: Zo are we zuppozed to fight or zomething?
VP: I think. I can't really be bothered.
PV: Me either.
VP: Well then.