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Panel #1
-EP: hello
-EP: i'm looking for zomeone* **
-EP: *: becauze i can't find him
-EP: **: i'm only zaying thiz in hopez that you might be interezted in azzizting me oh god thiz accent iz bad
PV: Helping you? That fucking iz the leazt fucking likely thing to fucking happen.
PV: You are in Mizan. Help yourzelf or fucking get lozt, runt!
-EP: how exactly do you run a kingdom on thiz philozophy*
-EP: *: zoundz anarchic
PV: Eazy dumbazz everyone fendz for theirzelf.
PV: If you can't function on your fucking own you zuck end of ztory.
PV: Are you one of thoze Philanianz? Thoze guyz are the worzt
PV: They're all zo helplezz alone becauze they rely on numberz.
-EP: that really doez zeem to be the zuperior ztrategy*
-EP: *: though zince you are a game conztruct i guezz you are allowed to be binary in your thinking zo i won't hold it againzt you
PV: Okay for one, no, I am perfectly capable of thinking on my own.
PV: Zecond, you zhould try fighting them your fucking zelf and zee how zhit they are
PV: Zhit you at leazt look remotely combat capable.
PV: Try out your fucking abilitiez
-EP: and i zhould do thiz becauze you are telling me to
PV: Yez.
PV: I am your king.
PV: That iz how thiz fucking zhit workz.
PV: By the way what iz "zhit"?
-EP: really?*
-EP: *: you aren't kidding are you?
PV: Fucking fuck. Your language iz zo hard to figure out it doezn't make any fucking zenze.
PV: You throw theze fuckz everywhere and theze zhitz and theze azzez.
PV: It iz really hard to keep thiz all together
PV: Thiz iz why we are the better race
PV: We make zenze
-EP: keep telling yourzelf that*
-EP: *: at zome point you might begin to believe that it iz true*
-EP: **: even though it iz not
PV: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
PV: You zuck
-EP: you are immature
PV: What?!
PV: How zo?!
-EP: zcrew thiz*
-EP: *:i'm leaving
PV: Good!
PV: I don't need your kind around here anyway!
PV: You know what I think? I think your language iz zenzelezz and I am not going to uze it anymore!
PV: I thought by changing the manner by which i zpeak i could better azzociate with your ztrange alien culture!
PV: It waz wrong of me to think I could ever underztand you to begin with!
PV: You and your permanent limbz and your head growthz!
PV: I don't need you!
PV: I can take Philan on my own!
-EP: okay*
-EP: *: go for it then