+Moira: Confront the queen

Panel #1
+PE: ...Oh!!! You came only seconds too late!!!
VP: What was that?!
VP: Another intruder phrom the real world?
VP: Did you let them in?!
+PE: ...Intruders??? Oh no!!! How are they getting here???
VP: That is not anything you should be concerned with.
VP: Pay it no mind.
+PE: ...I thought that was one oph those horrible,,, horrible Mizanians!!!
VP: It quite clearly was not. Mizanians are a deep purple color, like the night sky.
VP: The night sky oph the real world, that is. Here there is no night.
+PE: ...Either way,,, I have smited it,,, my queen!!!
+PE: ...Have I done well???
+PE: ...It was no trouble at all!!!
VP: ...
+PE: ...You said they were intruders,,, did you not???
+PE: ...Do you want me to search phor their point oph entry???
VP: Wake up, Patience.
VP: You have things to be attending to in your world.
VP: I will handle things here.
+PE: ...I'''m exhausted in reality!!! Please,,, let me rest phor just a little while... I want to know what this wonderphul land I am serving is all about!!!
VP: You want to rest?
VP: Do you believe that the enemy rests?
VP: We've been over this.
VP: The wicked do not tire.
+PE: ...I don'''t think you understand,,, there is no evil lepht in the waking world...
+PE: ...I and my phriends have purged all oph the evil... Only Philanian hearts remain!!!
VP: I know this to be a phallacy.
VP: The dephender oph chaos severed his connection with this land.
VP: Unless he becomes a NULL, you will still have an enemy among your "phriends".
VP: Remember these words, Patience. This game changes people.
VP: It may be subtle at phirst, but iph your eyes are not phocused on details, you will be tricked, abused, and lied to.
VP: I cannot have tricksters and liars among my ranks.
VP: I need those whom I can trust.
VP: Can I trust you, Patience?
+PE: ...Absolutely!!!