Panel #1
MM: Hey, \|/hat the he\\?!
VP: Are these...
VP: Are these part oph you?
VP: They seem to be attached.
VP: How is this?!
MM: Stop that!
VP: They won't come oph...
MM: \|/hat |s the b|g dea\?! They are just ar/|\s!
VP: ...
VP: But... you are in this game?
VP: How can you have arms?!
MM: Oh... \|/ere yours da/|\aged?
VP: I never had any to begin with; no one does!
MM: That |s so sad!
MM: |'/|\ sorry, /\/or/|\a\\y peop\e do/\/'t go arou/\/d grabb|/\/g each other's ar/|\s
MM: |t |s /\/ot a b|g dea\.
MM: us
VP: What are your people called?
MM: Tro\\s?
VP: Oh.
VP: That is less elegant sounding
VP: The T sound
VP: I don't like that one as much.
MM: Your peop\e \|ke sou/\/ds |t see/|\s
VP: Sadly, no. I am one oph phew. The art oph lucidspeak is a dying one.
VP: I am jealous oph your psychenym
VP: so many M sounds.
VP: And the O's!
VP: You must be royalty among the trolls.
MM: /\/o?
MM: /|\ost e\/eryo/\/e treats /|\e \|ke crap.
VP: I am not phamiliar with the expression?
MM: /\/e\/er/|\|/\/d
VP: Ohh, that is a nice sounding word!
VP: Nevermind~
VP: Your culture is elegant.
VP: I like it.
VP: I miss my own land...
VP: ...
MM: ...
MM: \|/hat \|/as |t \|ke?