Lyanne: Swing swing

Panel #1
AE: //hey losers
AE: //what's it feel like to be a newb?
AE: //you're going to have to tell me
AE: thisPlayer->understand = false;
EA: how DID you get to that LEVEL?
AE: //how else
EA: i THOUGHT this GAME had anti-cheat MEASURES in PLACE
{NOTICE} muteAspersion [MA] has died in METUA!
AE: false;
AE: //it was pretty easy
AE: //hold on having fun
PA: even if you think it is okay to cheat some of us dont so stop bragging please i want to level like normal and see what this game has to offer and a normal pace also isnt there some sort of balancing issues we should be worried about
ME: balancing?
MP: oh god the balancing
MP: that was bad
MP: so bad
PE: ...PE is worried!!! She remembers that!!!
AE: //what
PA: aa is sleeping right now she is usually the one that explains these things so i guess i have to go in her stead okay umm let me remember for a second it was kind of complex sorry okay so the game assumes we are working together okay but even though we arent it doesnt know any better and it balances the difficulty based on all our levels put together i remember when we first started it was really hard because aa was doing really good and i wasnt and things just kept getting harder and harder for me until mp and pe joined to lower the average does that make any sense to you guys im sorry im bad at this game
AE: //i'm not reading that
{NOTICE} percolatedPlasma [PP] has died in DUNGEON OF CHAOS AND ACID!
EM: tl;dr you just fuck=d up our av=rag=
{NOTICE} muteAspersion [MA] has died in METUA!
{NOTICE} mishapEngineer [ME] has died in TERMIA!
EA: you KNOW we are BONED when PA is doing the EXPLAINING
EP: guys monsters just got really strong*
EP: *: my spells can't touch them
{NOTICE} ethicalProxy [EP] has died in VARKET!
EP: fuck
EP: what happened?!
MP: AE does it
MP: she cheats
{NOTICE} patienceEngine [PE] has died in DEI MA!
PE: ...(((oh no!!!)))
{NOTICE} muteAspersion [MA] has died in METUA!
MA: this game sucks
MP: i just does some math
MP: our average is around 20-something
MP: oh god oh god oh god
{NOTICE} mindProspector [MP] has died in KATEIN!