Vokken: Flip out.

Panel #1

Vokken: If you couldn'7 get 7rollian ou7 of her I don'7 see the use.
Nezumi: Master Nereus would be surprised.
Nezumi: Scoria enjoyed being manipulated. Surrendering control to another can be a rewarding experience.
Nezumi: Even a strong person can be controlled if you understand their shadow.
Nezumi: Nezumi doubts she can be manipulated by anyone else. Nezu is proud of herself...
Vokken: I'm going to be sick. If you live I'm going to fully rese7 you. You're obsessed in every personali7y. 7ime to go to square one.
Vokken: I have pu7 up wi7h you for so long. Longer 7han you know.
Vokken: So before you go and po7en7ially die I always wan7ed to 7ell you 7his:
Vokken: When we 7ell you 7ha7 you aren'7 a real 7roll that isn'7 some emp7y insul7.
Vokken: 7he only Nezumi with a soul was frozen and sliced into 7hin shee7s to make a 7empla7e for the res7 of you.
Vokken: "Nezu", you don'7 belong in anyone's quadran7. No7 even 7rash like Scoria. You're like a robo7 made of flesh ins7ead of me7al.
Vokken: Assuming that is flesh. Your skin is hard as a rock. I s7ill don'7 unders7and how you move wi7hou7 breaking up in7o pieces. One of the many 7hings abou7 you I find unse77ling.
Nezumi: Her skin is a dilatant material. Nezumi is soft if you touch her softly.
Vokken: 7his feels grea7, I am glad we are finally ge77ing 7his all aired ou7.
Vokken: You are the saddes7 7hing. A weapon of 7error who 7hinks she is a weapon of war. A dead person who doesn'7 realize i7. A doll who 7hinks she is real.
Nezumi: Nezu suspected this. She doesn't mind.
Vokken: I'll be kind of glad when you're gone, I 7hink. 7he sigh7 of you makes me uncomfor7able.
Vokken: Cu7e cos7ume, bu7 7here is jus7 no joy in i7 since you don'7 feel degraded.
Nezumi: Nezumi apologizes for displeasing you.
Vokken: Jus7 go. Win. Lose. I don'7 care. I'm so 7ired.