[Colony Raiders] Zander: Receive ultimatum.

Panel #1

thanatosClaws [TC] began trolling universeUndivided [UU]

TC: Oh Zander, Oh Zander. Sweet prince! OH! So dashing and dark and heroic and irresistible.
UU: Just te|| me what is going on herre. Why am I in the Imperrium Conquest interface?
TC: I am working many different angles.
UU: A|| of them?
TC: No. That would be stupid. If you try to work every angle you ultimately oppose yourself and go nowhere.
UU: Then how do you know which ang|e to use?
TC: ...
TC: The scenario is a re-enactment. Do you know what happened here?
UU: It is |egend. The Admiral orderred the Cocytus, at the time underr the command of his matesprrit, ahead and took she|terr behind it to c|ose the standoff distance to the Lethe.
TC: And then?
UU: The Cocytus was comp|ete|y destrroyed.
TC: Yes, how awfully tragic.
TC: Because I can, I have arranged for CULLSAT to enforce the results of this exercise!
TC: If the Cocytus perishes Scoria will be on the receiving end of an orbital strike. If the Acheron does, you will be. If you fuck up as badly as I think you might, you'll both die. As a future military leader, I trust you are prepared to sacrifice someone you care about.
TC: Else you are a pointless coward and will get what is coming to you.
TC: Namely a dishonorable, impersonal death by satellite. The kind normally reserved for the lowest of low bloods.
TC: You are not to inform Miss Tallus of this.

thanatosClaws [TC] ceased trolling universeUndivided [UU]