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Sera: Explain cords and whatnot while you wait for Lance.

Panel #1
The cord system is pretty simple. As a result of the naturally strong Terronian skeleton and the vastly technologically advanced state of Terron, all Terronians are at birth fused with prehensile metal cords. The number of cords dictates the sector they will work in once they reach adulthood, and the appendage dictates the specific job they will do. It isn't exactly a caste system, but connotations of such are drilled into it because of the nature of the different jobs.

Four cords will go into heavy industrial work.
Three cords go into science and research.
Two cords work in management, and the Terronian equivalent of "office jobs".
One cord is extremely rare, and dictates that a Terronian is born with exceptional intelligence, and will go on to become one of the various board members who practically run the planet.